The Escape Rooms

Pick Your Poison

Ready for a challenge? Recommended 4 to 6 Players for MAXIMUM FUN!!

Brain Freeze


A local legend surrounds the Brain Freeze Ice Cream Shoppe. Brain Freeze was the spot to hang, but now remains frightfully empty except for the owner Mr. Giggles, known for the creepy clown costume he wears to greet potential...customers. It's said the Giggles likes to put his best customers on ice! Can you find the evidence and escape Brain Freeze before Mr. Giggles returns or are you destined to become his next customer??

Great for beginners! Recommended 2 to 4 Players for MAXIMUM FUN!!

The Wizarding World of Wally Whimz

JW Gauge

Wally Whimz is very famous in the wizarding world, known mostly for his creation of the Brawny Brain Elixir: an elixir that allows the drinker to perform exceptionally on any task he or she may take on. Before Whimz's demise he hide the Elixir in his common room and created a guide book to help locate it if you are cleaver enough! Each year the headmaster allows students one hour to take on the impossible task. Can you find the guide book and locate the elixir before the hour is up??

You Win Some

You Lose Some


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